Training Reminder

To all members returning to the gym this week please remember the following instructions.

Training protocol:

  1. kids line up at gym door and are allowed access only when coach allows.

2.Coach takes name and temperatures and enters both in diary with contact phone number and address this is for track and trace.

  1. If boxers temperature is below 36 or above 37.5 they must go home and not return for a minimum of 14 days.

4.. On entry, participants will be asked if you have you or anyone you live with had cold or flu like symptoms in the previous 2 weeks if answer is yes, you will not be able to train.

  1. No parents can enter the gym.
  2. All kids must have own kit and gloves no sharing of equipment.
  3. All kids must have own water bottle no sharing. Also all rubbish must be taken after the session.
  4. All sessions will last 45 mins.
  5. On leaving the gym boxers must exit before next session are allowed to enter.
  6. It is not obligatory as a coach to wear a face mask.

11. Direct debit details will be give on first day of training to those who require them.

Enjoy your sessions;

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