The Vault is England Boxing’s club and member database, all fighters and coaches must be registered
For Competitive Boxers

All Phoenix Fire ABC carded boxers must ensure that they are registered with England Boxing online (THE VAULT).

The process is simple and the registration form can be completed by following the below link: –

England Boxing Member Registration

Here is a link to The Vault homepage which has useful guides for new and existing members also: –




Once at The Vault Page, fill in the details as requested.

For Region please select MERSEYSIDE + CHESHIRE

For club please select PHOENIX FIRE ABC

After you have filled out your email details, England boxing will send you an email and ask you to confirm your email address. You will then be able to log in to the vault using the log in details you have provided.

Log in and then you will be on The Vault Members page where you can start your registration.

Click on ProFile – BCR1 and fill out your personal profile details. Some of these may already be populated for you. Save your entries.

After this click on Member > Membership > New Application

Click on membership type and select ‘BOXER‘ for this. This is usually the first option to choose from on the list.

IMPORTANT… DO NOT select ‘Recreational Boxer’.

That option is only for people who do not want to box competitively. If you select this option you WILL NOT be able to box in shows. Only select ‘BOXER

Fill out with your payment details (currently £11.00) and then click on apply.

Your members area will then show the progress of your application which will show as pending until the regional registar has approved it.If you are unsure of anything please see a club coach who will be pleased to help.