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Return to Indoor Training.

Dear members and parents, first and foremost we hope that you and your families have kept well during these unprecedented times. As you will undoubtedly have seen through the various news outlets, indoor gyms will be permitted to open from July 25th as long as they can follow social distancing guidelines and a large range of protocols designed to keep participants, volunteers and extended family members safe. After a number of consultations and review of the policies and procedures  needed, combined with the latest National Governing Body information; the club committee have decided the following actions;

  • The gym for internal sessions will reopen on Monday 7th September @ 6pm.
  • External sessions on Orford Park will continue to Tuesday September 1st at 6pm and 7pm (carded boxers only)
  • An additional external session will be provided on a Monday evening 6.16-7.15pm (carded boxers only) this will commence on Monday August 3rd for 4 weeks.
  • Some small sessions  in the gym will be facilitated in August to pilot all the policies and procedures that will be required moving forward. Participants will be notified a couple of days prior to these sessions occurring.

We will have a clearer view of the pandemic and we are hoping by September we may be able to return the sessions to as near to normal as they were prior to lockdown. If not we have several action plans within our Risk Assessments to provide a range of social distanced sessions. Etc.

In view of the pandemic we will have to change a number pf existing procedures these will include entry and exiting the gym, pick up and drop off protocols, each member having access to their own individual equipment and also we will have to go to a contactless subs payment system. All these measures will be required to prevent any further transmission of Covid-19.

We will further update you all on Tuesday September 1st with the latest information and full instructions for everyone for our reopening the following week.

Keep safe;

Thankyou for your ongoing patience and support;


Phoenix Fire ABC.

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