Phoenix Fire’s Courtney Chadwick Turns Pro

Highly experienced and seasoned former amateur boxer Courtney Chadwick has taken his latest step on his journey to boxing success by making the decision to venture into the pro game.

Hailing from an excellent amateur pedigree with almost 100 bouts, the Warrington boxer is now casting his sights further afield and is determined to make a massive impact in the pro’s

Courtney’s former amateur coach Damian Ridpath is confident Courtney will excel as a professional and is looking forward to seeing the boxers transgression into the paid ranks.

His style is well suited to the pro game and everybody at Phoenix Fire ABC is backing the talented new pro prospect to go on and achieve great things from the sport of boxing.

Courtney started boxing at Phoenix as a youngster and has dedicated his life to the sport.

The move into the professional ranks is not plain sailing however and will require all the help and support that can be obtained. Some initial sponsoring has been secured but anybody else, companies ETC, who would like to back and support this young man, please let us know by using the contact us form on this page and we will pass on your details.

We all wish Courtney the very best in his new venture and have absolutely no doubt he will go on to to make a big impact as a professional.

Details of his pro debut will be announced as soon as the information is available so watch this space for more.

Courtney also has a Facebook Page you can join where you can keep up to date with all that he is doing and share his professional journey to success.

Join and follow him on the Facebook page link below: –

Courtney Chadwick Professional Boxer Facebook Page

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