Phoenix Fire ABC Notice For Parents

A polite notice to all parents and boxers.

With our gym now coming towards the end of our summer break, when we all start back next Monday you my see a few changes in the gym.

There will also be some operational changes that will effect everyone, but more so the littler/younger club members.

As of the beginning of this new season parents will no longer be able to stay behind and watch the session.

This is due to child welfare legislation, especially DBS accreditation, plus insurance reasons.

Inside the door there is now a dedicated drop off and pick up zone, which will be clearly marked, and it would be greatly appreciated if parents can pick up and drop of your little athletes 5 minutes before and after their designated session times.

We the coaches, would like to thank you for your support on this topic.

If you have any queries with regards to any of the changes, please speak to one of the coaches.

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