New Training Schedule

Training Schedule
Dear all, due to the covid pandemic and other pressures on our volunteer workforce from next Monday 17th January the following will be the session times for participants.

Monday Tuesday Thursday 6pm’-7pm (10-14 year olds) whom have existing medical cards or are nearly ready to box competitively.
Monday Tuesday Thursday 7-8 (meet 6.30 for run)
Carded boxers 15+ or are nearly ready to box.
New participants or boxers who have been previously training at 6pm sessions on a Monday Tuesday and Thursday the following will be your allocated sessions.
If in primary school Friday evening 5pm or Saturday morning 10am
If in secondary school Wednesday evening 6pm or Saturday morning 11am.
Adult recreational.classes at 5pm Monday 7pm onwards on a Wednesday and 9am Saturday morning remain unaffected.
New starters will be expected to participate in a minimum of 6 weeks in a development class before being signposted to a boxers session.
We understand these changes will not suit everyone however unfortunately due to time constraints on our volunteer workforce we have to make these changes to ensure a quality provision continues to be provided for our membership.
All sessions will now have several coaches in attendance and the quality of the participants experience will be much improved on our existing provision.
Thank you
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