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Looking for a new club or activity can be daunting, you may have lots of questions about how we work, prices, times, what to bring and more! We have tried to cover as much as we can below. If there is anything we are missing please get in touch via our contact form below. 



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Phoenix Fire ABC is a community non profit club. Our gym ethos is affordable quality training for all. Offering skilled coaches, a welcoming environment and affordable rates.  Many of our members refer to themselves as being part of the Phoenix Family which is an honour they feel this way. 

Yes most definitely! We are an inclusive gym and everyone is welcome! You will find the coaches and members all very welcoming and encouraging! You will be able to go at your own pace too, whether your struggling or wanting to push yourself harder! 

We have a range of coaches available who all volunteer their time at the club, check them out on our dedicated MEET THE COACHES page.

You can check out our CLASS TIMETABLE HERE. If you would like a 121 head to our CONTACT FORM and get in touch. Don’t forget to mention your available time slots. 

To become a boxer you will need to train regularly approx 3 to 4 times a week as well as doing your own training in the form of long distance jogging and sprint work in your own time. The experienced coaching team at Phoenix Fire will then organise a medical for you if they feel you are ready for competition.  There are no set timescales for anybody to achieve this because every individual develops at their own pace. Also, coaches will look to organise outside sparring and skills bouts for all potential boxers under the age of 16 so that new boxers can get used to competing without the pressure winning or losing.

To book a one to one you can speak to your class coach or pop us message over on our CONTACT PAGE.

Public classes are between £2 and £5. Check out our CLASS TIMETABLE for more info.

You are going to get HOT! So wear comfortable workout clothing. We have a no tops off policy so T-shirts or Vest is a must. 

As it’s a HIIT class with a mix of training styles we recommend you bring a bottle of water and towel. Other items you may find useful are wraps, gloves, gum shield and a head guard for sparring.

Everyone has to start somewhere, our Wednesday fitness class is a good place for this, we have a range of people with mixed abilities here, the class is structured but you can go at your own pace, if your struggling, take a minute, if you can’t do one exercise you can swap it out for another! What matters is that your present and taking those steps to a healthier and fitter you!

The coaches will do regular performance monitoring and once they feel you are ready to spar will discuss the options with you.

Yes, we have Public Liability insurance from England Boxing and each coach that delivers PT’s has their own insurance also.

Just fill out our form HERE and come along to your chosen class.